Forklift training Courses

Whether you're an employer looking for forklift training for your employees or a private individual, our forklift training courses cover everything you need to learn from starting the forklift to driving the forklift to how you can get employed within the industry.

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What will you learn on these lift truck training courses?

1. Introduction....

All of the MJP Training lift truck training courses start off with an informative introduction. Our MJP Training Instructor will provide an explanation of the current legislation and operators’ safety code to bring employees up to speed on the relevant theory they must learn.

In order to pass the course, they will also need to complete a theory assessment that will test their knowledge.

2. Daily forklift truck inspection

As well as teaching your employees to drive the forklift trucks safely, we will also equip them with the skills and knowledge to carry out daily inspection procedures.

Having this knowledge is vital, as it will allow them to check their forklifts before operating them to ensure they are safe to use. We will also teach them load-handling theory to ensure they comply with Health and Safety regulations.

3. The practical assessment

The final part of all our forklift truck driving course will involve a practical assessment.

Like with a driving test, the forklift truck driving test requires candidates to perform a number of manoeuvres in a safe manner.

These sections will determine whether you or your employees are competent in forklift truck driving. After completing the assessments successfully, we will provide you/them with the necessary certification to prove that they have gained the required qualifications.