Appointed Persons Training Course

The aim of this course is to provide candidates with underpinning knowledge in order for them tounderstand the role and responsibility of the Appointed Person.

The Appointed Persons Training course aims to provide clear information on all current legislation, codes of practice and guidance notes associated with the safe use of cranes and lifting gear during lifting operations, ensuring the implementation of a safe system of work. To gain theoretical and practical knowledge and information on the Appointed Person’s responsibilities.

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The MJP Appointed Persons Training day starts at 09:00am and finishes at 16:30 with a maximum of three-to-one instructor-trainee ratio. This provides the instructor with enough time each day to fully instruct operators on different types of lifts required to pass your test.


Training can be held at our site in Dudley, West Midlands, using our facilities and equipment. Instructors can also come to your site using your facilities and equipment to train your employees.

Topics covered during this course include:

Legislation ‐ LOLER, PUWER, HASAWA
Codes of practice ‐ BS7121
Roles and responsibilities of personnel involved with lifting operations
Crane appreciation ‐ crane types, capabilities and limitations
Duty charts
Crane terminology
Documentation and certification for lifting equipment and lifting accessories
Crane stability/ground conditions
Rated Capacity (R.C.I) and Safe Working Loads (SWL)
Lifting accessories
Types of accessories and use
Slinging techniques
Down rating of accessories
Sling angles
Planning a lifting operation
Writing a risk assessment
Writing a method statement

Course duration

5 days


Each successful operator will receive an A4 size certificate.

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